For the discreet note scribbler.  Our two-in-one double sided note sheets feature an absorbent colour front and dry erase plastic back.  Leave notes-on-the-go that won’t curl up at the edges!

It features:

  • 100 static note sheets.
  • Each sheet measures 100 x 70mm
  • Static stickiness to smooth surfaces – including fridges, device screens, windows & doors.
  • No adhesives (e.g. glue, tape) required.
  • Traceless removal (leaves no marks).
  • Easy to write & modify on.
  • Use any pen, pencil or dry marker.
  • Ideal for any message from a useful reminder to a romantic memo.
  • Clever accessory to maximise your use of preferred large Static Sheet.
  • Effortless cleaning enables reuse.
  • More cost efficient than paper.
  • Does not wear or tear easily.

See our Static Notepads in action