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Setting the trend of creativity…

Every now and then a product comes along that makes you go WOW. So simple, but so effective, WriteAway’s static, dry-erase sheets are the future of presentations, brain-storming sessions and meet-ups on-the-go!

You don’t use flat-lay projectors or pointers anymore, so why are you still lugging around a bulky easel, or installing permanent whiteboards which inevitably become stained? Our dry-erase static sheets are movable, reusable and more cost-efficient than paper!

Simply create a portable whiteboard from a roll of plastic sheets! Unroll the plastic sheet from the practical pack-and-go housing, tear along the handy perforation and stick your sheet against any smooth surface. Static allows you to use your dry-erase sheet on most walls, windows and doors. No adhesives are required, so there’s no need to worry about residues, and as the sheets are plastic you can scribble away with ease-of-mind knowing that no ink will bleed through to the surface behind!

Our static sheets retain all the benefits of traditional whiteboards; easy to use, erase and reuse, but offer so much more! Besides the practicality of being portable and mobile, you are able to turn any work space (office, conference, home, schools) into an inclusive brainstorming environment – It encourages creativity, collaboration and even accountability as there are more than enough ‘whiteboards’ to go around!