For the smart meet-up nomad in transit, these dry-erase sheets are the ideal replacement for flip charts and easels or permanent whiteboards. Having meet-ups on the move becomes a hassle-free pleasure.  Write on these static sheets with any dry erase markers, erase and rewrite as many times as you want.

It features:

  • 12 Static White Sheets.
  • Each sheet measures 600 x 400mm (A3) with a perforated finish for easy tear-off.
  • Diversely location friendly, including office, conference, home and school areas.
  • Static cling to smooth surfaces – including windows, walls and doors – no stands or mounting required.
  • No adhesives (e.g. glue, tape, sticky stuff) required, meaning a traceless transition (leaves no marks!).
  • Travel friendly: light weight, brief case size for easy carry, with a practical pack & go design.
  • Conveniently mobile & compact for storage.
  • Rolls up without losing any scribbles.
  • Effortless cleaning enables reuse.
  • More cost efficient than paper!

See our Static White Sheets in action